Start of a gluten-free life

First few weeks of gluten-free eating. These are some things I made :)


Rice noodles with celery and parsnips. Plus Truffle oil and Alfalfa Sprouts.
Reisnudeln mit Staudensellerie und Pastinaken. Trüffelöl. Alfalfasprossen.



Cauliflower Chilli Potato Soup. Ginger, onion, garlic, pepper, curry, nutmeg, salt, pepper, fresh herbs.
Blumenkohl-Kartoffel-Chillisuppe. Zwiebel, Ingwer, Knoblauch, Curry, Muskat, Salz, Pfeffer, frische Kräuter.


Trifle – sponge cake, vegan buttercream, and fruit coulis (cherry, cranberry).
Trifle – Biskuitkuchen, vegane Buttercreme, Fruchtcoulis (Kirsche, Cranberry)

The sponge cake was made from this recipe. Buttercream: margarine, powdered sugar, vanilla extract. Fruit Coulis: dried cherry and cranberry (and as much rice milk as it needs to process it), blend until smooth.


Ras-el-hanout : spice mix on top (just because it looked nice)
Ras-el-hanout: Gewürzmischung als Deko.


Coconut Truffles

Made this cake (didnt rise and didnt taste very good), so decided to make it into truffles.

Instructions: Make the cake from the link. Melt creamed coconut, coconut oil (or margarine) and rice milk. The ratio has to be that it turns solid in the fridge (experiment what amounts you have to use). Crumble up the cake, combine with the melted coconut mixture, and stir until combined. Put in the fridge, so it can set. When it is completely cooled it should be solid (if not, melt it, add some more coconut oil, and let it cool down again). Take it out, take a bit of the truffle mass (use a teaspoon, to take the same amount for each truffle), roll it in your hands to form a ball. Then you could roll it in chocolate, or desiccated coconut, or leave as is.


Sweetcorn quinoa with broccoli. Chillipepper, onion, garlic, nutmeg, salt, pepper, allspice, cumin, dried herbs, turmeric, coriander.
Mais-Brokkoli-Quinoa. Chilli, Zwiebel, Knoblauch, Muskat, Salz, Pfeffer, indische Gewürze.


Maki di Roti (Indian Maize flatbread) with okra, asparagus, red cabbage and nut luncheon pieces (made of peanuts).
Maki di Roti (indisches Maisbrot), Okra, Spargel, Rotkohl, Nussbratenstückchen (aus Erdnüssen).


Creamy rice pudding, with rice milk and coconut milk. Cinnamon on top.
Milchreis, mit Reismilch und Kokosmilch. Und Zimt obendrauf.



Summer rolls with red cabbage, nut luncheon pieces and onion. Cress sprouts.
Sommerrollen mit Rotkohl, Nussbratenstückchen und Zwiebel. Kresse.


Close up summer roll.
Sommerrolle im Detail.

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